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Dorothy Black & Anita Berlusconi: Bare Bottom Reality

Temp worker Anita thought life at an adult novelty company would just be fun and games and orgasms all day long, in between bouts of typing and filing, but her strict and displeased boss Dorothy Black shows Anita that she better get serious about her duties–pronto!

“This girl needs a no-nonsense warning!” Dorothy’s stern eyes seem to say when she finds her feisty young underling playing with a vibrating remote-controlled egg, one of the company’s top selling items. Ms. Black takes instant steps to indoctrinate Anita with the reality that “masturbation during company hours earns a bare bottom spanking!”

It also earns Anita the punishment of licking her supervisor’s butt crack, then sucking on her panties, feeling her mouth stuffed with said underwear, and then getting her face slapped with the underwear! Sheesh, at her last temp job Anita could masturbate whenever she wanted to, and that was a stuffy accounting firm!!!

But Anita wants to keep her new job so she takes her chastisement, which continues in this fetish XXX video with pussy-eating, toe sucking, asshole worship, and last but not least getting double penetrated in her shaved pussy and rosebud by two enormous black dildos. Has Anita learned her lesson and will she obey the rules? Somehow we doubt it, with delicious punishment like this ready to be doled out on her sweet squirmy body!!

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DDF Updates: Bare Bottom Reality


Lucy Heart & Dorothy Black: Stimulating Activity

Mistress Dorothy Black gets fierce with her naughty sub Lucy Heart. Sometimes you just have to give these young ladies discipline to keep them in line! You’ll see what we mean in this Full HD BDSM thriller.

Lucy is bound and spread on a rack, so that her domme can use a riding crop to play with the slit and mound of her shaved pussy. Then Lucy is turned around to receive a relentless spanking. Mistress Dorothy grasps Lucy’s hair in her fist while she smacks the blonde’s butt with a gloved hand.

See the slavegirl’s cheeks quiver with each blow of that relentless palm in this fetish XXX video! Nothing like a little lesbian bondage to put a defiant slave in her place…

At the end, Mistress Dorothy also sits on her slavegirl’s face, getting pleasure for her hungry snatch after all the stimulation of that sadistic punishment activity!

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DDF Updates: Stimulating Activity


Dorothy Black: Mistress Of The Unpredictable!

Appearances can be deceiving! This is one of the great lessons of life, and it applies in so many different realms. That’s why we must always keep our eyes open to discern the real needs of the people we interact with! Case in point, Mistress Dorothy Black.

Yes, she looks fierce in her leathers and holds a riding crop and a strap in a clinical setting where she would quickly bring a submissive to his knees. But if you’d be so lucky as to be the slave of Mistress Dorothy, you’d discover that her needs–once she peels down to her leather bra and panties–would require much dildo service on your part.

This is unusual for a mistress, but hey, part of the charm of these ladies is the individuality of their particular programs for their worshipful admirers. Now this where appearances are deceiving–at first you thought she’d be wanting to whip your ass raw, right? No, instead she requires her love lackeys to pleasure her with her favorite silver bullet vibrator, which she displays here for us today. Her ideal acolyte must be anally inclined, to primarily service her asshole with the toy–preferably by holding it in his mouth and thrusting it back and forth in her bungie!

Here she demonstrates for your erotic edification how she likes the shiny metal shaft to go in and out of her bottom. You’d be required to lick her pussy too, and not just satisfy her rectal needs with the toy. Study her pictures well. She may also require you to kiss her red shoes while she squats herself on the toy. These dommes are so unpredictable, aren’t they? But that’s another part of their charm.

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Dorothy Black & Britney: PVC and Primal Pleasures!

Busty babes dressed to kill in their PVC outfits deliver some sexy lesbian action as they play with each other and a sex machine!

The girls are wet and going wild with pleasure as they bring each other to explosive orgasm. Pure, un-adulterated, ridiculously awesome lesbian sex, served sizzling hot to your hard drive once more. You don’t want to miss it!

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Bound schoolgirl Lauryn May electric shocked by Dorothy Black [Part 2]

Young schoolgirl Lauryn May in uniform gets bound & her shaved pussy exposed, so she pisses in fear but dominant Dorothy Black punishes her. The hopeless teen gets electric shocked so she loses her consciousness…

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Dorothy Black & Britney: POLISHED AND PENETRATED

Latex lesbians Britney and Dorothy Black have sapphic sex These two saucy babes are shines up and ready for some good hot action. Spurned on by the look and feel of their smooth shiny latex outfits, the rubber clinging to their sumptuous bodies, they embrace and caress each other. With the implements of lust nearby in the way of a sex machine, Dorothy hikes up her black rubber dress and while Britney directs the head of the latex phallus into her creamy smooth juicy pussy. She rides the metal lover to a full draining orgasm spurned on by licks and kisses from her sex-mate.