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Young kinky babes Luisa de Marco & Renata G in hot latexwear

Doggie playtime for Luisa, Renata and Roxie all spread out on the wooden hallway floor.

You will quickly notice that Luisa and Renata are a somewhat different breed of doggie than Roxie. The former two are long and slender with wavy manes of flowing hair. Their breed is characterized by rather large round mammary glands that protrude several inches beyond their neck and stomach. Slender waists lead to a curving round backside and long sinuous legs. They are typically covered with a smooth tan skin accented with soft fuzzy hair.

Roxie on the other hand is rather squat and square looking, and is covered head to toe by a curly grey matt of hair.

Luisa and Renata are high-strung specimens that frequently need to be kept restrained and muzzled. Even muzzled as they are, you will notice their tendency to poke and jab at each other’s sensitive parts.

Often they are tethered together by their genitals, which has a tendency to quieten them down to slow rhythmic motions and soft groans. Roxie is frequently perplexed by his playmates actions but usually tends to ignore their antics content with rest and relaxation.

Notice how cute they are as they pose for a group photograph. Watch them play.

Note that this scene doesn’t contain bestiality – the dog is purely passive!

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