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Vicktoria Redd & Danika: Crammed and Conquered

During a weekend in the country with a domineering blonde she’d met at a chic party, the submissive brunette allowed her body to be subjected to bizarre torments.

Soon she was decorated with nipple clamps, wrist cuffs, floggers, and her nakedness restrained with chains to the top of the leafy pergola in the blonde’s garden…

The blonde enjoyed whipping her, especially on the butt, and then she took even greater delight in cramming a jeweled butt plug into her sub’s asshole…then licking her nipples, which were still pinched in the clamps…

But the blonde conqueror was hardly finished. Next clamps were applied to the sub’s cunny lips, to make it easier for the blonde to shove a ribbed glass dildo up her shaved pussy…a dildo which afterward she had the sub lick clean!

Yes, many were the torments endured by the pretty brunette at the hands of the blonde domme…and then she had hours to think about them later, left hanging nude in the garden while the blonde went back to the castle to bathe and refresh herself after all those kinky exertions. Live it all for yourself through a fetish XXX video packed with Full HD BDSM and lesbian bondage!

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DDF Updates: Crammed and Conquered


Subil Arch & Danika: Tightly Bound and Hotly Spanked!

Subil Arch must have been pretty naughty to have displeased Danika to get the Filipina beauty to tie her up and discipline her so fiercely! First they go outside, where Danika binds her naked to a post on an old four-poster bed which comes in handy for perverted purposes!

Then she gives Subil a barehanded spanking, and we watch the sizzling and reddening of Subil’s seat. Danika can’t resist giving her charge a few tongue licks between her cheeks, and she licks Subil’s ears as well even as she pulls harshly on the dark blonde’s nipples. Subil cries out at the intense squeezing of her nubs, and then Danika bites her earlobes as well. Danika spits on Subile’s butt, then after tying her leg in a different position, she licks Subil’s snatch for awhile. But Danika just can’t seem to satisfy her cravings, as she moves from cunnilingus back to chastising Miss Arch’s ass.

While left alone as Danika goes to fetch an implement of correction, Subil rebels against her bonds, trying to break free, but she can’t. Then Danika returns with a paddle, which she smacks over and over against Subil’s bottom, which gets redder and redder. Danika fucks Subil with the handle of the paddle, which we see in huge intense closeups, and then she has Subil lick the handle clean. By the time Danika is finished with this bizarre punishment, night has fallen and the torrid pair are surrounded by darkness as Danika licks the face of her thoroughly chastised slave…

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Danika gets fucked by a fucking machine by Sophie Moone [Part 3]

Hot Asian babe Danika gets fucked by a fucking machine & horny blonde Sophie Moone is taking care of her orgasmic pleasure.

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