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Kendra Star, Chessie Kay: Spanking and Banging [Part 2]

Having received spanking from both Seth and Mistress Kendra Star in Part 1 of this fetish XXX video, submissive maid Chessie Kay now must join Kendra in servicing Seth. The Mistress grasps his upthrust cock in her black-gloved hand and, after sucking it, guides it into Chessie’s face.

But soon the banging begins, as Chessie takes the domina’s strap-on in her shaved pussy doggie style while blowing Seth, getting boffed by Seth as she sucks the sex toy, and then licking Kendra’s pussy while Seth crams the goddess’s asshole. The obedient Chessie sucks Seth’s dick after he finishes fucking her mistress’s butt, and then Chessie takes his load on her tongue in the finale of this extreme sex Full HD BDSM video!

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DDF Updates: Spanking and Banging, Part 2


Kendra Star, Chessie Kay: Spanking and Banging [Part 1]

The fierce power of dominants over submissives is demonstrated in this new fetish XXX video as maid Chessie Kay submits to the random cruelty of Mistress Kendra Star and her friend Seth. First Chessie has to lap up a spilt drink Seth deliberately poured on the floor, and then she has to lick his shoes and Kendra’s stiletto boots.

Further punishment follows quickly in this Full HD BDSM thriller as Seth spanks her hard on her knees and over his lap and tugs on her pierced nipples. Then Chessie receives Kendra’s black-gloved spanking and harsh penetration with a red vibrator in her slave shaved pussy.

Be back for Part 2 and further humbling treatment for Chessie!

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DDF Updates: Spanking and Banging, Part 1


Chessie Kay & Kayla Green & Meg Magic: Golden rain of Submission

Some females are born to rule, and some to serve. Some to give orders, others to drink pee. Mistress Kayla Green demonstrates these timeless truths in today’s roleplay scene by leading around her two doggie girl slaves, blond Chessie Kay and brunette Meg Magic, and making them lick her feet, even lick at each other’s feet, and lap at her shaved pussy and asshole.

But this domme is only warming up in this Full HD BDSM video full of intense action. Next she lines her subs against the wall and gives them both a good spanking. Those slavegirl behinds get RED!! But they have more trials coming…

You see, Mistress Kayla likes her slaves to understand that their very own pee shall be their temporary nourishment whenever they get out of line! Meg is the first to learn this lesson, taking a spray on the face and mouth from her fellow slavegirl. But Chessie isn’t getting off easy. No, next it’s her turn, laying on the floor looking up while Meg squats and gives her the pissing of a lifetime right into her mouth. You can almost see steam rising off Chessie’s tongue as the golden rain pours down! Then they French kiss each other, laying in the puddle on the polished hardwood floor, while Mistress Kayla Green supervises, and approves, as this extreme sex fetish XXX video bubbles to a fade-out.

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DDF Updates: Golden rain of Submission


Chessie Kay & Cristian: Cuffed and Creamed

Newcomer to our site Chessie Kay from the United Kingdom has an extreme sex encounter with Cristian in our newest roleplay.

Entering his apartment, she is introduced to his array of bondage gear.

Then up comes her dress so her cheeks can be smacked, but before the spanking can get really serious, her wrists must be cuffed.

Then Cristian gives her bottom a ruthless warming.

Next it’s time for Chessie to worship her new master’s cock as this fetish XXX video ramps up the action. After this a spreader bar is attached to her ankles so that she’ll be in the perfect position to be well-fucked.

Getting Chessie down on her knees, Cristian then uses a riding crop on her shaved pussy before fucking her spoon-style and from above. Remember, that spreader bar keeps her legs humiliatingly open and under Cristian’s control at all times!

To show his utter mastery of her, he finally cums on her mouth, and then rubs the load into her tongue with the edge of his riding crop as this Full HD BDSM epic comes to an intense and creamy finish.

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DDF Updates: Cuffed and Creamed

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