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Vip Levi Lee & Chelsey Lanette: Bound before Him

In today’s roleplay, Chelsey Lanette finds herself in a man’s kitchen…but not cooking! Instead, this new fellow she’s met is interested in stirring up something hot himself…in her snatch and butt, which he knows both crave kinky pleasures!

Bound with handcuffs on her wrists and her ankles, this Dutch babe lays naked on the glass table as he probes her shaved pussy in the starkly lit room…curling her toes as she gets off on the penetrating invasion of her hole!

He’s not satisfying plumbing her snatch, of course…he makes sure her mouth is filled with a dildo, and then he crams her asshole! She’s not going anywhere…bound before him, she hungers for these humiliating insertions…

He links her wrist and ankle cuffs with a chain for yet another round of intimate invasion as he turns her over on the table and fucks her ass with the toy some more…then abandons her in the kitchen alone, to think about her endless thirst for pervy antics as displayed in this Full HD BDSM video!

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DDF Updates: Bound before Him


Chelsey Lanette & Kayla Green: Bound to Obey

That striking Dutch blonde Chelsey Lanette casts a femdom spell over Kayla Green, a Hungarian traveler she meets in their mutual hotel’s hallway. She saw Kayla in the lobby check-in downstairs, and set her erotic trap for the girl with some conversation and suggestive remarks.

Now when they meet upstairs in the hall, Kayla is only too ready to drop to her knees before the smoking temptress, licking her boots and then quickly submitting to lesbian bondage as her wrists get tied with soft rope!

Kayla is nervous the other guests will see and report them to the management, but she doesn’t know that the hotel chief is also one of Chelsey’s slaves and will do nothing to stand in the way of Mistress Lanette’s pervy fun.

Chelsey gets her new slave’s ankles bound, too, and then gives her spanking, fingering, and anal penetration with a throbbing toy. Then she has her slave lick her cunny before abandoning her, nude and bound, in the hallway! Enjoy the kinky action in this Full HD BDSM fetish XXX video.

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DDF Updates: Bound to Obey


Chelsey Lanette: Her Dark Desires

Let’s see what little scenario this scene suggests…perhaps you have some of your own ideas, but here is ours.

In today’s roleplay fantasy, brought to you with the impact of Full HD BDSM, Chelsey Lanette portrays a gal who works in an office by day, but on the weekends has a serious need to get her kink on.

Ordinary sex doesn’t do it for her shaved pussy anymore, plain ole vanilla fucking and sucking; nope, she needs wild adventure, strange taboo experiences.

And so she has her boyfriend take her out in his pickup truck at night, and keep her stripped naked in the back with her wrists and ankles bound.

Then he turns on the Fucking Machine that’s right there in the truck with her, the device she purchased with her last holiday bonus.

Laying there, she gets fucked doggie style by the robo-rod in the cool night air, while her boyfriend stands off to the side, unseen, observing, stroking his cock, and waiting for the day when his girl will want to fuck him again, and in a bed too…until then, he will lovingly indulge her kinks, and watch her mascara run as she tears up at the twisted pleasure of her self-inflicted degradation in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex!

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Charlotta & Chelsey Lanette: Subdued In The Shade

Charlotta has obviously been some sort of bad girl, and her domme, Mistress Chelsey Lanette, is displeased enough to chain her up and lay her down on a table in the shade under a tree on the sun-splashed grounds of her estate.

Applying her riding crop to the shaved pussy of the helpless girl in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM, Mistress Chelsey both squeezes and licks her submissive’s meaty mound, as is her prerogative as the top in this relationship.

And in return Charlotta only gets to yearn for a taste of Chelsey’s crotch and instead has to suck a black dildo that gags her with its monstrous length.

Then she’s fucked and satisfied by the dildo as stern Mistress Chelsey concludes the punitive yet erotic treatment in this intense excursion into lesbian bondage.

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Chelsey Lanette: The Golden Sacrifice

Chelsey Lanette looks like a golden maiden out of German mythology (or something like that) as she stands outdoors in her birthday suit with her long blonde hair tumbling down to her torso in wild tresses.

Chained to a tree and totally nude except for those curls falling across her chest, she squirms as if she’s the naked sacrifice for some bizarre unseen monster, like a dragon about to leap out of the trees.

Calling Siegfried, the mighty German hero, to the rescue! But meanwhile, as she awaits, all alone, either her fate or her reprieve–which we strictly leave to your imagination–Chelsey still has to take a pee, since the human bladder will not stand on ceremony even for dragons.

And so the DDF cameras move in close to see the girl, unable to escape her bonds and reach a toilet, as she pees all over the ground, the yellow libation jetting out of her shaved pussy in a naughty bout of pissing between those sexy Dutch thighs.

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