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Vanessa & Carol: Don’t Displease The Mistress

Vanessa has clearly been a bad girl and displeased her domina.

She is standing and trussed up in rope and at the mercy of her Mistress Carol, who is in the disciplinary mood. Spanking Vanessa’s 34DD breasts with a pointy wooden paddle, Carol quickly brings out scratches and bruises on Vanessa’s knockers, and the domme also smacks Vanessa’s bottom through her black leather shorts as well.

Then, with Vanessa continuing to be helpless and spread out on the four-poster bed, Carol applies further punishment with a flogger, whipping Vanessa’s tummy and naked twat.

Vanessa can only make noises of pain with her mouth kept permanently open with a metal spreader, which makes it all the easier for Carol to cram the handle of her whip into Vanessa’s mouth to moisten it for her slave’s pussy. Nipple biting tops off Vanessa’s torment in this fetish XXX video of lesbian bondage and Full HD BDSM.

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Carol & Paige: Spank That Sweet Ass! [Part 1]

When two of DDF’s finest boob babes get together for an evening of fetish fun, you can expect some primo, dick stiffening action!

Ravishing redhead Paige delivers the goodies in this tie me up and spank my sweet ass thriller! Carol is the very willing recipient, and her derriere, as you will see, is perfectly built for the punishing spankings it receives from Paige and her skilled hands!

Paige escorts Carol into her fetish chamber, a dark place with mysterious accents. Her voice so sweet, lovingly luring Carol onto the ropes that will bind her, and telling her that she will enjoy this new venture into fetish very much. Both girls wearing shiny black, skin tight, rubber fetish attire and blowing our minds from beginning to end.

Once Paige has her submissive beauty in position, she peels a sector off of her bum and it reveals the PERFECT sweet ass for spanking. What follows is a back and forth session of booty pops and kisses as Paige makes nice work of that juicy rear end. Her crimson hair making the perfect contrast against the other colors that fill the room. It signifies that she is the dominator, and in full control.

Carol‘s ass cheeks ripple with pleasure as they are continuously tested by Paige‘s skillful strikes. Alas, this is only the beginning of the fun. Join us next week for part 2!

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Sexy young babes Carol & Jannete in bondage set

Hot busty blonde Jannete gets bound & exploited by Carol who teases her big tits, firm nipples & shaved pussy with her lips & a blower!

Jannete’s huge jugs are bound with ship cables, so she cannot escape from the other blonde’s desire.

Carol then releases a hot stream of golden piss over the bound Jannete.

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Carol and Jenna Lovely: Let’s play doctor

Carol and Jenna Lovely: LETS PLAY DOCTOR These two gorgeous babes are exploring the basement of a house and come upon an old medical chamber. It seems to be equipped with a lot of interesting objects. The girls decide to play some doctor games and continue their explorations inside each others svelte young bodies.

Carol and Jenna Lovely: LETS PLAY DOCTOROne plays nurse and one plays the patient, but they both take turns using speculums, thermometer, suction cups and an enema rig on each other. Jenna opens up Carols pussy with a large speculum and takes a look inside. Carol returns the action but would rather peer into Jennas cute puckering bottom hole. In between prying speculums and squirting enema nozzles they treat each others pussies to a luxurious and satisfying tongue bathing.