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Bonnie Rose: Outrageous Exam

Let’s say your name is Mr. Jones. You come to DDF Genital Hospital for a routine yearly checkup, but Nurse Bonnie Rose is more interested in seeing how you respond to her outrageous pubic procedures as performed on her own person!

After she opens her pink latex uniform and takes the pulse of her pie under her pink lace thong, Nurse Bonnie then inserts a long silver medical instrument into her quim–looks like a speculum for viewing vaginas–and then, just for the sake of adventure, crams another one in there too!

The more the mushier, as we always say!!

She works the instrument over her nipples as well, and then demonstrates that she can take the two items into her mouth also. But Nurse Bonnie will not be outdone by technology. She saves the best probing for last in this fetish XXX video, wetting her hand with her saliva and then fisting her shaved pussy!

How’s your blood pressure now, Mr. Jones?? 😉

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DDF Updates: Outrageous Exam



Kathia Nobili & Bonnie Rose: Re-Training The Maid

Kathia Nobili is getting fed up with her maid, Bonnie Rose. The girl is so clumsy that Kathia decides a little re-training will get her on the right track.

The contrast in the two females couldn’t be more stark: the powerful mistress in her black lace body shaper, garters, and sheer black stockings; and the awkward girl servant in her pink starched pinafore, matching cap, and bare legs.

The mistress takes the situation in hand by putting Bonnie across her lap for a bare-handed panty-warming, then gets the maid kissing her shoes to instill a further sense of humility.

This fantastic fetish XXX video proceeds to detail Bonnie’s further humblings, with her panties pulled down for a paddle spanking; having her mouth gagged; and then her wrists cuffed so that when she’s bent over for some penetration in her bottom with a sleek blue vibrator, she will take her punishment as passively as possible.

See all this lesbian bondage in a Full HD BDSM video!

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