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Eve Angel and Bibi Noel: The Breaking in of Bibi! [Part 2]

We’re back with part 2 of “The breaking in of Bibi”!

When we last left our two super starlets, Eve Angel and Bibi, Eve was just warming up with the spanking and bondage of her beautiful blonde, submissive slave girl.

We continue on with Bibi still on her back on the glass dining room table, and Eve hovering above her with a lit candle!

Bibi’s juicy pussy is spread wide and the HD action makes us feel like we could reach over to the screen and pop her clit right into our mouths, swirl it around like a peppermint and make her cum!

That’s Eve’s job here today though, and after she gives her a bit of pain with the candle wax, she pulls out a fat candle with a hot tip and starts working it into Bibi’s tight asshole. She pops her up into doggy style so we can really see all the action and what’s happening next. She manages to put one candle in Bibi’s ass, and another in her puss.

After pleasuring the girl for awhile, Eve decides she would like her own pussy eating, so she sits on Bibi’s face, front and back rotating, and has her deliciously trimmed pie served in style!

Mmmmm, I’ll bet that tastes like tropical fruits coated in sugar!

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Eve Angel & Bibi Noel: The Breaking in of Bibi! [Part 1]

The lights are about to dim in your residence with the jolt of electricity these babes are about to bring to your Internet connection.

The sexually sophisticated Eve Angel meets up and comer Bibi Noel for a House of Taboo set that will whisk you into a lavish dining room in which disobedience is reckoned with in a very wickedly delicious way!

Dressed in a super sultry black corset with black thigh high stockings Eve enters the room with a commanding presence with her blond beauty Bibi bound at the wrists. She scolds the naked treasure and licks her face before bending her over the table and gaping her fine, heart shaped derriere for our viewing pleasures.

Then she straps Bibi’s wrists and ankles to the table and smacks that sweet ass real good with her open hand, leaving red imprints across her silky smooth bottom. She really gets into the art of strapping and has Bibi sprawled in various submissive positions. Spread eagle really gives us a ravishing view of her juicy snacker, right before Eve spanks that pussy real good. Bibi then gets some hot tongue action from Ms. Angel and leaves us all with our dicks in our hands, just wishin!

Don’t blast off yet, stay tuned for part 2!

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