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Amirah: Chamber of Submission: A Blonde Domina’s Sex Toy Collection

Welcome to our blonde domina’s sex toy collection and her chamber of submission!

Angel Piaff enters the room with brunette Amirah on a leash while Katy Rose is tied to a wall with her arms chained to the top and her legs tied to the bottom.

Amirah wears a BDSM collar and acts like a human dog, following all orders of her strict mistress.

This lesbian threesome is a fetish masterpiece, packed with hardcore pussy cramming and licking.

Watch the three playmates stuff their wet pussies with all sorts of dildos and a wide variety of sex toys while licking each other’s pussies on the tiled floor.

Angel’s young and natural tits look so incredibly hot and she enjoys French kissing her human doggy while riding a flesh-colored dildo.

Subby Katy bites her hard nipples before they enjoy a massive double dong and stuff that huge black rod down that blonde’s deep throat.

Amirah crams her asshole with a purple plastic cock and enjoys licking Katy’s face while the submissive bombshell is wearing a gagball in her mouth!

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DDF Updates: Chamber of Submission: A Blonde Domina’s Sex Toy Collection

Amirah,Abbie Cat: Hand Luggage: Submissive Brunette Babe Stored In Suitcase

Abbie Cat is a busy woman and travels the world from hotel to hotel, from city to city, from country to country. Whenever she gets a few minutes to herself, she shows her real face, a dominant hot babe who loves to humiliate young babes. Nobody knows that Abbie actually has her personal subby always with her in her hand luggage. The submissive brunette babe Amirah is stored in a suitcase and is only allowed outside that tight cage once her dominatrix Abbie decides so. In today’s episode of DDF Network’s “House of Taboo”, that young hottie receives a special treatment by her dominant owner.

Abbie pulls that young hottie’s hair and steps on her butt with her spiky high heels after gagging her with duct tape. She ties her up and wraps more tape around her ankles and wrists before sitting on her face while tearing her nylon panties apart. After removing duct tape from her mouth, she crams her sub’s deep throat with a black dildo and the fetish XXX porn scene heats up. Abbie squeezes Amirah’s nipples and then makes her ass gape before inserting that sex toy into her tight anus. What a petite sub, awaiting her mistress to humiliate her in the hotel room!

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DDF Updates: Hand Luggage: Submissive Brunette Babe Stored In Suitcase


Amirah: Nurse’s Intimate Break!

That Hungarian cutie Amirah starts out in her pink latex nurse’s outfit and a pair of be-ribboned pink panties with an open crotch as she sits in the examining room, presumably to take a break of some sort and examine HERSELF as she crams a vibrator in her shaved pussy and then gets in the doggie style position to show off her sexy penetrated self.

Keeping her black spiky boots on throughout, she then lays on her back, tugs down her panties, and stuffs her asshole with a bottle-like object.

Rubbing the toy on her mound and rooting around the bottle in her bottom, she brings herself to quite a climax–sufficiently calmed down now, we presume, to return to her duties as a nurse! 😉

Examine Amirah in detail as you enjoy her XXX fetish video!

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