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Amber Nevada: Suspended Without Mercy [Part 2]

Amber Nevada has been a bad student again, and so she’s going to be trussed up once more by the bondage master of DDF Academy. Perhaps this time she’ll learn a little humility to temper her defiance of the rules?

Wearing her school uniform as in Part 1, her arms are bound behind her back with frightening intricacy. Houdini himself would find this a challenge to escape! With her bare butt exposed, she is attached to the metal ring hanging from the ceiling, and then her legs are tied and lifted. But this time, for more humiliation in this Full HD BDSM video, a wooden dildo is inserted into her pussy as she is suspended in mid-air by the ropes!

Watch her swing and sway from above!

The grim-faced bondage master ultimately removes off her ropes, but keeps that dildo in her pussy as long as possible. Does Amber learn her lesson? Will she be a better girl once the ropes have been taken off and dildo tugged out of her hole? Look into her face for clues in the final haunting closeups as she sits on the floor with the markings of the ropes still on her wrists!

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Amber Nevada: Suspended Without Mercy [Part 1]

For her many sins, Amber Nevada must be put in a situation where she will contemplate whether or not to pursue her present course of bad behavior at The DDF Academy…and that situation is immediate suspension. Not “suspension” by being kicked out of the school, but suspension by ropes while she is still in her uniform of white blouse, red tie, navy blue pleated skirt, white anklets and black sneakers.

The bondage master takes her in hand and binds her securely with his masterful skills. You are there every step of the way, with every twist and knot of the rope, as this errant young lady is forced to examine the rebellious course her life has taken, and whether or not she is ready to reform.

Her arms and legs are secured by rope and she is hoisted up on a metal ring. We get to view her predicament from all angles as she is suspended several feet above the floor.

We see her pussy, exposed because of the way the ropes have pulled apart her thighs.

Her expression is deadpan…leading us to believe she is still defiant and rebellious!

Well, perhaps her attitude will be changed by further rope discipline in Part 2 of this Full HD BDSM House of Taboo video and accompanying incredible pix!

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Amber Nevada & Amarna Miller: Correction On A Staircase [Part 2]

Those who transgress the rules must be ready to accept correction for their breaches of protocol. Thus it has always been, and always shall be so that civilization may be maintained in spite of the restless nature of some individuals.

And to demonstrate this worthy theme, we return to bad student Amber Nevada who, having peed all over herself in Part 1 while waiting for dormitory housemistress Amarna Miller to come downstairs to chastise her further, is now about to receive her discipline. In her gray pencil skirt, heels, stockings, and simple white blouse, Miss Miller looks formidable indeed, and the yellow T-square she brandishes as a spanking implement metes out painful punishment indeed on Amber’s naughty behind.

Once again the shameless girl urinates on herself, further proof (if proof need there be!) that young females should not indulge themselves with beer! Miss Miller spits into the mouth of her student, to demonstrate her contempt for Amber’s behavior. She then spanks her more furiously with the T-square, making Amber’s cheeks jiggle.

Then she has Amber lick her pussy, since if the girl is not going to be a good student academically, perhaps she could be a good sex slave to a housemistress erotically! Miss Miller sits on Amber’s face and rubs her pussy with the high heel of her black oxford. Then she leaves the student alone, to contemplate the lesson she has been given–and hopefully to take it to heart!

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Amber Nevada: Correction On A Staircase [Part 1]

The stern rewards that come to those girls who live beyond the bounds of the rules is not always pretty to witness. Correction must be meted out in order that the impressionable female will not find herself permanently on the road to ruinous behavior.

And with this timeless truth in mind, we come upon Amber Nevada, bound by her wrists to the staircase of the dormitory at the prestigious women’s college she should feel lucky to attend–but is bratty enough to be ungrateful to appreciate!

For her many infractions she now sits in her blue vest, pink blouse and tie, maroon skirt, knee socks and black patent oxfords, and waits for further instructions from the housemistress, who as yet is nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, Amber has been sitting here for some time, and all the beer that she drank (against school rules, of course) is catching up with her bladder.

At least the housemistress, who tied her to the bannister several hours ago, was kindly enough to remove Amber’s regulation cotton panties, so that when the inevitable uncontrollable flow begins and her girlish urine pours out of her shameless vagina, Amber doesn’t have to then sit in drenched underwear. Instead, she has to stew in a puddle of urine on the hardwood steps, awaiting the arrival of the housemistress for further chastisement!

Be here for Part 2 next week to see what else happens to Amber

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