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Amarna Miller & Alice Axx: The Cruel Hand goes Deep

Amarna Miller, in the dominant mode, has a good toy to play with…a human toy, a pretty girl named Alice Axx!

Laying bound hand and foot on a bare mattress, Alice is at the mercy of Mistress Miller as the commanding redhead pours candle wax all over her pussy and tits.

Amarna tugs at Alice’s wax-drenched pubic hair, and pulls at her waxy nipples.

Then it’s time for some intense penetration, and Alice knows she must not let her cruel mistress down. She watches intensely as Amarna inserts a few fingers in her Axx box…then her whole hand, in this incredible fisting scene!

Then Mistress Amarna gets Alice kneeling so that her sub can be fisted in the doggie position. Incredible shots in this fetish XXX video packed with lesbian bondage!

Then it’s time for a spanking, and candle wax poured on those slave cheeks, before Alice can lick her mistress to satisfy the arousal that dishing out all this pervy punishment has stirred in the loins of the stern dominatrix!

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DDF Updates: The Cruel Hand goes Deep


Meg Magic & Sabby & Zor & Amarna Miller: Suspended & Helpless

In today’s roleplay, Amarna Miller and Sabby are a sophisticated and adventurous couple who bring their slavegirl, Meg Magic, to the chambers of bondage master Zor.

While Amarna blows Sabby, Meg’s arms are bound by Zor in the intricate stylings of the Japanese rope art known as shibari. Her arms trussed to her torso, Meg then kneels before Sabby where she takes over the sucking of his cock.

Soon Zor also has Meg’s legs tied to a pulley attached to the ceiling, so that Sabby will have easy access to Meg’s shaved pussy and asshole even while Amarna bites her nipples as this fetish XXX video gets wilder and wilder. Meg hangs in midair and watches Amarna fuck Sabby in a standing position, and Meg even has to worship Amarna’s stocking-covered leg.

The taut rope-arrangements continue for Meg until she is helplessly in position to receive a blast of spunk from Sabby, a load which Meg shares snowball-style with her mistress Amarna below. Savor the extreme sex in this epic of Full HD BDSM!

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DDF Updates: Suspended & Helpless


Amarna Miller: The Gift Of Restraint

In today’s roleplay, loving couple Amarna Miller and Ian Scott go to visit the venerable Zor, master of ropes.

He is going to fulfill Amarna’s desires by trussing her up and hanging her from ceiling naked, so that she can experience the thrill of complete helplessness even as she is penetrated in her face and pussy by the enormous girth of the Scott sausage.

You’ll see it all in this fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM, as Zor takes off Amarna’s red robe to bind her first on her knees, and then in the air, making her fully accessible in all ways to Ian’s rigid inches.

The ropes leave redness on her arms and she sways above the floor, existing only to serve her master’s cock while Zor observes from the side right down to the moment Amarna receives sperm on her tongue!

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Amber Nevada & Amarna Miller: Correction On A Staircase [Part 2]

Those who transgress the rules must be ready to accept correction for their breaches of protocol. Thus it has always been, and always shall be so that civilization may be maintained in spite of the restless nature of some individuals.

And to demonstrate this worthy theme, we return to bad student Amber Nevada who, having peed all over herself in Part 1 while waiting for dormitory housemistress Amarna Miller to come downstairs to chastise her further, is now about to receive her discipline. In her gray pencil skirt, heels, stockings, and simple white blouse, Miss Miller looks formidable indeed, and the yellow T-square she brandishes as a spanking implement metes out painful punishment indeed on Amber’s naughty behind.

Once again the shameless girl urinates on herself, further proof (if proof need there be!) that young females should not indulge themselves with beer! Miss Miller spits into the mouth of her student, to demonstrate her contempt for Amber’s behavior. She then spanks her more furiously with the T-square, making Amber’s cheeks jiggle.

Then she has Amber lick her pussy, since if the girl is not going to be a good student academically, perhaps she could be a good sex slave to a housemistress erotically! Miss Miller sits on Amber’s face and rubs her pussy with the high heel of her black oxford. Then she leaves the student alone, to contemplate the lesson she has been given–and hopefully to take it to heart!

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