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Alice Romain: Alice’s Dildo Challenge!

Alice Romain is here to show us the stunning abilities of her snatch and sphincter when she takes on the challenge of a huge dildo…and we mean holy fucking huge!!

Her sexy body clad in a cute sheer black halter and skirt, as well as stockings and heels, Alice settles down with the toy on the couch, giving the flesh-colored behemoth some head. Then she spreads her thighs to let us see those lusty dark pussy lips, slick with lubrication, which soon swallow a giant portion of the proxy prick.

The DDF cameras come in tight and you will see that thick rod descend into her core. At the same time, Alice shifts around on the couch, lifting her legs so we can enjoy them pinup-style in the seamed fishnets while she plunges a truly enormous amount of the shaft into her hole.

Next, in the blink of an eye (or should we say “brown eye”?), Alice has got that toy in her asshole and going deep. When she takes it out to show us her gape, well…it’s a vast red crater leading down into shadowy depths!! Miss Romain sticks the suction base of the toy on the floor, and then she squats over the monster, taking it back into her butt as she fingers her veeg.

Laying down on the couch again, she crams her cornhole with the artificial cock once more, and then gives us concluding gapes that will afford you plenty of opportunities to imagine soothing her anus with your tongue in the afterglow of her adventure!

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