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Dominatrix spank session [Part 2]

When we last left Kety and Adriana, Kety had just finished smacking that ass up with a wooden paddle.

Now she has managed to really restrain Adriana on a bondage apparatus that leaves her COMPLETELY vulnerable! Even has an iron neck brace!

Kety gets her leather whip and starts slapping up Adriana‘s shaved tang and pinching her nipples super hard. Licking her face, pulling her hair and whispering to her “I’m going to fuck your twat with a wooden dowel!” The excitement has her pussy overflowing with juices. She puts a condom on the dowel and starts to fuck her with it, positioning herself so that she can flick her tongue on the waiting clit.

When she’s done she pulls the condom off and shoves it in Adriana’s mouth for a little extra humiliation!

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Dominatrix spank session [Part 1]

Ever dream of being spanked by a fiery redheaded fox? Well for Adriana this dream became a reality when she decided to join her friend Kety one afternoon for some role-play action.

Little did she know that her sexy friend was a dominatrix specializing in paddling that ass till it purrs! With her slave well secured in iron chains Kety toys and tantalizes her with licks and bites all over her latex bikini clad body. Pinching and squeezing her nipples. Cupping her ass and gaping it open as she kneels in her leather high heeled boots. Then she pulls out her big wooden paddle and grabs the submissive subject by her hair and smacks that ass up till its beat red!

As Adriana whimpers in moans of joy and pain Kety pulls her hair harder and drives the paddle home right onto her rear!

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