Shannon Reid: Piercings Are Her Pleasure!

Shannon Reid gives us a tour of her piercings today. She has a ring on the right side of her red-lipsticked mouth, but we’re going to concentrate on the nipple piercings we can see through her transparent black blouse.

Just for a moment we also get a glimmer of her naked pussy underneath her miniskirt, too, but our focus is on her titty adornments, and Shannon holds up her boobs with their silvery jewelry on the little bars that go through her nips.

Squeezing her bells together with her upper arms and hands, she offers them to us; then she takes out the piercings from each nipple in turn, just so we can see how those little doohickeys work. She removes the jewelry and just leaves the little studs in her nubs, and then she crosses them together like tiny swords.

Finally Shannon stands up and wraps the front of her blouse under her boobs, framing her pierced rack so that our DDF cameras can shoot them from all angles, looking up at her as a pierced goddess!

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