Shannon Reid & Ashley Bulgari: Clumsy Maid Gets Correction [Part 2]

The punishment of incompetent housemaid Shannon Reid by her stern employer Ashley Bulgari continues from last week’s chapter, and takes an even more sexual turn when Mistress Ashley decides that since Shannon can’t perform her household duties properly, she might instead function more interestingly and usefully as a sexual plaything, kept in a bedroom and toyed with at the whim of her domme.

Bound and spread-eagled on the bed, Shannon is at the mercy of the ruthless blonde as Ashley squeezes and bites her pierced nipples, and then uses an erotic wand to stimulate Shannon into uncontrollable spasms of climax. Shannon would rather cum in private, but Ashley shows her the foolishness of that preference as she puts the vibrating head of the wand tightly on Shannon’s quim, until the maid’s pink mound trembles with the onrushing pleasure of relentless raunchy orgasms.

Ashley straddles her maid–or maybe the proper word for Shannon now is slave?–and keeps using the wand until Shannon can cum no longer. Then she acquaints Shannon with the pleasures of French kissing, even though Shannon has never been much for smooching before…finally, it’s time for a cunny plug, which Shannon wets with her mouth at the behest of the devilish dominatrix. Then the plug is placed in Shannon’s snatch so that she will be able to enjoy a titillating feeling of vaginal “fullness” which will keep her constantly on the erotic edge, even as she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep while still bound hand and foot on the bed!

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