Sensual Jane & Jelena Jensen: Paying for her Sins!

Sensual Jane is more like Strict Jane today as she disciplines Jelena Jensen for some unspecified transgression! Let us join these two busty beauties in the forest to watch them enact an unusual roleplay drama. Jelena’s wrists are bound and she is persuaded to bend over for Jane’s fierce red paddle, which is applied with cruel strength onto Miss Jensen’s black latex-clad bottom. Jelena cries out in pain but Jane does not let up. This girl must be punished!

Then Jane undoes the back of Jelena’s dress, humiliatingly exposing JJ’s 38F boobies even as she firms up the bonds on her victim’s wrists. Jane applies her black cat-o-nine-tails to Jelena’s boobs, causing the girl to groan and moan in torment. Then things get really bizarre as Jane uses a pulley to lower what looks like a bottomless metal birdcage onto Jelena’s upper torso! Jelena stands embarrassed with her tits showing and her wrists crossed in front of her as the cage comes down over her head, shoulders, and bosom. Even more humiliating is the fact that her nipples are hard throughout this strange procedure!!

Thus immobilized, Jelena then has to submit to Jane lowering her dress further so that her ass is bared for the whip! Jelena cries out with every stroke of her mistress’s firm treatment. Then Jane turns Jelena around and whips her pussy too! Punishment like this truly makes us speculate on the nature of exactly what mistakes and crimes and errors Jelena must have done to upset her owner. Because if a woman is treated thusly, she is a slave and she is owned! Owned by Sensual Jane…or MISTRESS Sensual Jane, if you please! Perhaps Jelena’s eyes lingered too long and too disrespectfully on Jane’s tantalizing 36DD cleavage, so visible in her own low-cut top??

Finally, Jelena is left alone in the forest under her cage, her wrists still bound, as no-nonsense Jane abandons her to the elements to think about her sins!

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