Sandra Hill: Pee Like a Puppy!

I’m sorry, master, Sandra Hill thinks as she bakes in bondage in the sun…ohmigosh I’m sorrryyyyy!!

Her master has placed her here, on the hot stone of the fountain, her naked ass sizzling, because she did not obey as he’d required over the weekend–and disobedience must be punished.

Now he’s left her nude and bound and vulnerable to the elements, and then gone off to do his daily business…time passes slowly for Sandra, and all the liquid she drank at the party last night is catching up with her.

That party…where she made a fool of herself and embarrassed her master…antics for which she is paying today! She strains at her bonds, but it is useless. He tied her too well. And now…now she has to let out all that champagne she drank, drank while she danced naked at the party in defiance of her master’s orders…now she has to pee! Pee in the outdoors like an animal!

Oh, she thought this master-slave thing was just going to be a fun roleplay affair, but she’s learned it’s much more…if she wants to live in the big expensive mansion with her master, she must obey his rules! And when she doesn’t…things like this happen to her…sitting in the hot sun…tugging at her bonds…and peeing, peeing, peeing on the stone like a little dirty puppy!!

Oh gosh she’s never felt such shame…

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