Samantha Bentley: Samantha Restrained [Part 3]

What goes through an adventurous girl’s mind when she looks back over all the intricate and unusual things she’s done? This is the question that pops into our heads as we come back for the final installment of Samantha Bentley’s latest journey into wildness.

She’s appeared often on our site, and you know she loves to experience some truly intense action! In this series, first she tied herself up and masturbated with toys. Then her boyfriend Ian Scott came home, found her that way, and used her throat for his lusty pleasures, leaving her bound by wrist and neck after he finished.

And now, Samantha realizes that the bondage can have a disadvantage when she has to pee…yes, she can’t hold it in, and it gushes out all over the glass table on which she lays…an ocean coming out of her, making her feel so humiliated, so embarrassed! She wonders if Ian can hear the sound of her pee as it pours out of her snatch onto the table…she knows he can certainly SMELL it…and she lays in her own mess and thinks, “Is there any limit to the kinky things I like to do?”

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