Samantha Bentley: Samantha Restrained [Part 2]

In last week’s initial installment, Samantha Bentley entertained herself with auto-bondage and anal and oral dildo penetration.

And now she deliberately dozes on the glass table after her orgasm so her man Ian Scott will come home to find her still bound, still nude, and still insatiable! His cock comes out of his sharkskin slacks and is soon in the deepness of Samantha’s throat, not to mention at the center of Samantha’s consciousness!

Straining at her ropes, she sucks him like a woman possessed, turning this way and that as she fills her lips to the brim, taking that huge shaft deep into her face, and stretching her lips wide sucking his balls too!

He stands on the table and fondles her tits as she blows him, then sits down so he can encourage her head to go down, down, down until her nose can almost touch his nuts! In fact he squeezes her nostrils as, her mouth filled with his prick, she raises her wide gray eyes at the DDF cameras with the expression of a woman who may be bound with ropes, but is unrestrained in her lust for male cum loads! Ian tightens the ropes around her wrists and neck as he finally squirts his sperm on her tongue.

But what will Samantha do next? Be here next week to find out!

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