Samantha Bentley: Samantha Restrained [Part 1]

Samantha Bentley frequently finds herself under the guidance of stern and even cruel masters and mistresses in her House of Taboo scenes, but as this new appearance shows, she can be her own best dominator if need be!

Her dining room table is equipped with ropes and a black dildo, and she peels herself out of her black satin bustier, panties, and fetishy heels to make herself open and vulnerable as she binds her own ankles to the table. She secures her left wrist as well, and the DDF cameras hover above to show her in her self-imposed captivity.

Then, she makes herself gag on her black dildo, thrusting it deeply into her throat, before cramming it without mercy into her asshole, making herself cry out just as if she were under the fierce hand of an enslaver. Maybe she’s imagining being controlled by an invisible man?

Samantha sucks on her dildo some more, then thrusts it back into her butt, as we see her legs lifting up and straining against their bonds. She slides her left fingers into her pussy as she masturbates herself, lifting her red-polished toes up on their tips as she gasps and groans in her self-stimulated pleasure. She keeps exploding on the toy as the scene winds to a close, as we look down at Samantha from above and wonder what will happen next…so be here next week to find out!

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