Samantha Bentley: Dirty Girl Makes Dirty Water!

She disobeyed her master, and now Samantha must be punished. Made to stand naked in the cellar, she has ample time to think about her various sins, but eventually she feels the need to pee and that, she knows, is part of her punishment. What is more embarrassing than having to uncontrollably empty your bladder away from a toilet? And she knows her master is watching through his hidden security cameras as she squirms and dances, trying to hold off from letting the golden stream flow out of her pussy.

Squeezing her muscles, she tries to think about something else other than the blessed relief of letting go of her dirty water. The tension passes for a few minutes, but then returns. Oh no, she’s going to wet herself…but there’s more to her “lesson” than just peeing. It’s not only that she has to pee like this, but that she is required to pee on the mirror at her feet…and then…yes, it’s the “and then” that constitutes the largest part of her punishment.

She dreads what comes next, even as the urine pours out of her body, pours out in a flood made sleazy and decadent by her circumstances of inescapable bondage…bondage in this creepy cellar designed by her master specifically for such occasions! Her face contorts with shame as she watches her pee splatter all over the mirror…knowing her master is nodding his head upstairs in satisfaction, watching on his security cameras and pleased that her chastisement is going as planned. And then, knowing he’s watching, she does what is required: gets down on the floor and licks up her pee from the mirror. Laps it up like a perverted human kitten. Instead of a dish of milk, she’s gotten a mirror of pee…well, she’s learned her lesson, and she hopes her master will come down and let her out of her bondage soon.

But she knows he won’t until he’s satisfied that every last drop of her naughty liquid has been cleaned off that glass! Samantha takes a short break and digests what she’s taken in, and steels herself for resuming her task…but maybe, maybe he’ll take mercy and bring her up soon? Probably not…

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