Samantha Bentley: Ain’t No Garden Party!

Samantha Bentley finds herself in a bright summery outdoor situation, but she’s not exactly dressed for a garden party. Instead the nude beauty is thoroughly trussed up with ropes and kneeling on the grass, at the mercy of the infamous DDF Fucking Machine.

With the remote control in the possession of a mysterious male personage only seen by his hands, Samantha is truly a plaything of the mechanical meat shaft as she sucks the thrusting black dildo until saliva slurps out of her mouth.

Then she’s turned around into the doggie position to be penetrated in both her pussy and asshole by the double-team of two black dildos, giving her the dual banging this adventurously kinky lass craves!

Afterward she sits up on the grass, staring at us: still nude, still bound, and clearly drained by her electronically-powered orgasms in this fetish XXX video of extreme sex and Full HD BDSM!

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