Sahara meets Dr. Demento

“Come into my examination room my dear its time to have a little fun with you.”

Sahara is an unfortunate patient of Doctor Demento. To her horror he begins her session with a tour of the equipment to be used on her. Sahara is a bit resistant and must be restrained to the examination table.

Doctor Demento begins with a breast examination that includes stimulating the poor girls nipples with clamps. Sahara‘s examination also includes an oral inspection with the Doctor’s all beef thermometer, followed by a vaginal and anal inspection with the insertion of a speculum. When the diabolical doctor samples her pussy with his stiff cock, the reluctant and restrained damsel is a bit resistant and uncooperative.

The evil Doctor solves the problem with an injection of spanish fly serum from a needle and syringe into one of her velvety smooth nether globes. To her surprise and the Doctor’s expectation, the serum works and Sahara is soon fucking like a champ when the Doctor takes her from behind, and fills her ass crack with his hot syrupy cum!

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