Sabby & Kiara Lord: One More Perversion

Members will recall the scene on 3 December 2013 when rebellious student Kiara Lord was sent to the college infirmary to be examined by Dr. Sabby.

The medico, however, was soon revealed as a sadist, and tying up Kiara in his secret room of kink behind the regular examination area, he had his way with her.

Now, having emptied the cream of his savage dong into her lips, the doctor hears her startling request for something truly degrading that even he hadn’t thought of: “I fuckin’ want you to piss in my face.”

Her defiant attitude toward life still intact, she takes him into new erotic territory for his tool, one more perversion as it were–as he unloads his urine for the first time onto a female, and watches as she takes it in her mouth and along the nubile slopes of her lovely body. You’ll be stunned by the extreme sex and pissing in this fetish XXX video!

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