Roxy Mendez: Slave To The Machine!

What do you wear on a date with The Fucking Machine? If you’re Roxy Mendez, you go for basic pink–pink ropes, that is, entwined about your torso and wrists, binding your hands to your sides, but still revealing everything from your boobs to your butt to the sweet landing strip of pubes above your box.

Roxy licks and sucks the upthrust black dildo of the Machine, and then kneels on the floor in front of it and continues to suck. She is the slave to the Machine! As if it has a life of its own, it prods her titties and pussy, as she lays back on a long table so that the Machine can have its way with her crotch.

We see the robotic arm of the Fucking Machine as it moves back and forth in her snatch, the black dildo penetrating her juicy veeg. Roxy lifts her legs as the tempo heats up and the Machine bangs her ever more relentlessly. Her twat gleams with wetness! Then she gets on her knees so that the Machine can do her doggie style.

Watch the bizarre metal arm of the Mechanical Meat Man as it plows its dildo into its human female lover! Finally Roxy explodes in climax, and then as the dildo of the Fucking Machine slides away, she drifts off into a post-orgasmic sleep. But then she wakes up and looks at us. Who knows what bizarre dreams she’ll now have after her date with a robot rod??

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