Rihanna Samuel: Will she Submit?

Beautiful and charismatic Rihanna Samuel flashes her gorgeous grey eyes at us as her lovely 32AA-26-36 body is put into bondage. We see her bound to the foot of the metal bed frame; then standing with her hands secured behind her back; then kneeling on the bed with her wrists bound to the frame again; then with her legs and wrists tied to the frame so that her pussy is openly displayed.

She looks at us with defiance in her beautiful eyes, a rebellious aura that even seems to emanate from her perfectly round bare nipples and her dark pink flowery pussy! Even with a girl like this at your mercy in her bonds, you’d have a way to go before you’d be able to truly subjugate her to your whims!

You can enslave the body but the brain and heart take more time…the feisty spirit glows from her soul and dares you to just try to really be her master! Perhaps a silver vibrator inserted into her twat will make a difference? Let’s see…indeed, her box now glistens with a certain wetness. Let’s turn her over on her knees to observe how she looks in doggie style, with that ass up in the air, and the vibe protruding from her cunny like a mechanical tail…but let’s switch this tangy minx to yet another position.

On her back, spread-eagled, wrists and ankles bound, her snatch open to the air but still filled with its buzzy toy…maybe it’s time to lick her armpits and tickle her into distraction…Rihanna is in your control now…lift up her legs and tie them to the headboard…she’s putty in your hands! Or is she?? With one last glare at you, she challenges you to find out!!

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