Rectal examination of young lesbian babes Sandra & Thalia

Here we have Sandra and Thalia lounging around the bedroom, both harboring a mischievous mood.

“Lets play nurse,” pipes up Sandra. Without hesitation Thalia jumps out of the bed and returns with a big grin and a tray full of deviously tempting implements.

“Ok let me oil you up,” offers Sandra. Wielding a brush and a bowl of baby oil, she brushes and lathers it into Thalia’s nether holes leaving them slippery and gleaming.

Thalia returns the favor and makes ready for some fascinating probing. Each girl takes their turn in having their assholes expanded with a speculum and then inspected with a flashlight to insure all is clean and well groomed.

After a good look at each other’s innards, Sandra rolls back to give Thalia another look. This time Thalia really cranks her open and peers into the deep dark labyrinth of Sandra’s rectal chamber. A little more oil and lube makes Sandra’s asshole ready for the ultimate plunge.

Thalia sinks her fingers into an ever expanding sphincter, first two then three, then a fourth and finally the whole knuckle group are buried into Sandra’s consuming asshole.

Her gurgling moans and coos tell us that the tips of Thalia’ fingers have reached the deepest pleasure centers of Sandra’s libido. Or! Could it be the backside of that elusive G spot? Watch and see.