Paige Turnah: Doctors Bizarre Housecall [Part 1]

Do doctors still make housecalls? Sure they do…mostly the kinky ones, though, at least in porno land! Case in point, Dr. Choky Ice, who arrives to soothe Paige Turnah’s hand after she hits her finger while doing some home repairs. He gives her a pill, but then he prescribes tit massage and nipple tugging…as well as pussy licking and probing! Who needs to use a stethoscope when he can use his tongue to check her symptoms?

The next prescription calls for a little restraint…of Paige, that is! The electrical cable that she was using for her repair devices comes in handy, and soon she is trussed to the bench, ankles and wrists. A little flogging with a soft whip is next on the list of procedures…yes, that should definitely help cure a sore finger that was hit by a hammer! But Paige is making altogether too much noise, which interferes with Dr. Ice’s concentration as he works at healing her. Well, there are ways to deal with that…once Paige has been made more quiet, Dr. Ice takes out his most remarkable tool of physiotherapy, the electric dildo drill…which seems to be doing the trick!

Paige doesn’t even seem aware of her original injury anymore, which spurred her to call Dr. Ice to make his housecall, as the dildo drill works its bizarre cure on her bare twat…particularly in doggie style! Who knows what will come next…Dr. Ice is prescribing yet one more pill…so come back here next week to see what develops!

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