Paige: Placed On Exhibit!

What goes on in the minds of women? With all their talk of empowerment, it seems that they still have a primal need to explore desires and indulge in activities that would not necessarily get them invited any political correctness conventions.

Case in point, sexy Paige, an independent young lady with a self-sufficient attitude, here submitting to the skills of a bondage master who intricately trusses her up so that she can be suspended like a nude female exhibit in a museum of kink.

Keeping her hands raised, she feels the ropes being wound about her torso in a skillfully symmetrical way, under her breasts and around her back, and then around her knees and calves. It’s no simple thing to tie somebody up in an artful manner, and Paige sits patiently with a Zen-like calm while the ropemeister works his skills.

Linking the ropes to an overhead metal ring, he enables Paige to be suspended several inches off the ground and hanging in the air, her scarlet-tressed naked beauty on full display.

The DDF cameras move around to examine this British babe from different angles, reveling in the art gallery of tattoos on her pale pink flesh!

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