Ruka Stone & Virginee: PONY BOY

Ruka Stone & Virginee: PONY BOY Mistress is encased in a succulent leather cat suite mounted on top of a devoted slave. She rides her pony around the room then has him clean up her boots with a tongue protruding through a full head mask. With his head down and ass up a liberal dose of the crop is used on him as his tongue laps and licks. Having done such a good job on her boots. Mistress turns his tongue to attend to first her pussy then her ass, as she instructs him to clean and massage both orifices. The pony boy is laid back prone with only his cock protruding from shimmering black latex encased body. Mistress enjoys his exposed cock for her own delight while her boy toy lies still in servitude.

Ruka Stone & Virginee: PONY BOY Mistress continues her pleasures with her Pony Boy. His cock is erect and hard as iron. She lays him out prone on his back so it protrudes even further. He is instructed to moisten her pussy with his tongue as she grinds her ass into his masked face. Mistress is ready to ride and mounts her Ponyís up-thrust cock first forward then back bouncing with pleasure. When she is has had enough she employs her Ponyís tongue to finish the job with a thorough pussy swabbing that bring Mistress to a shuddering orgasm.

Valentina and Steve Q: MY LOVE, MY SLAVE

Valentina Valentina is summoned to attend to her lover and master. She enters crawling to his beckoning commands. She wears a frilly short mini dress that leave nothing to be imagined and offer complete access especially to her full round alabaster buttocks. Steve intends to put his bride through some paces paying particular attention to warming that blossoming bottom he so adores. Valentina pays plenty of attention to Steve’s engorged cock, languishing kisses upon it and sucking as passionately as she can before his next command. She endures the stinging applications of belt and flogger interspersed with an array of hand slaps knowing full well the pains and pleasures will end in a glorious orgasm for both of them.

Domina and Lolly Cat: Candelabra

Domina and Lolly Cat: CANDELABRA In training as a Dominaís demure servant, Lolly is reduced to a candleholder. Her legs are spread wide by a spreader bar giving her Mistress a view and access to her panty clad sweet-spot. With her neck and hands fixed to a harness she must stand patiently attending her mistress and hoping the dripping candle wax does not burn too bad.

Domina and Lolly Cat: CANDELABRABut then something happens. Her bladder starts to erupt but her Mistress will not grant her any relief. Eventually she canít hold it and drops of her sweet urine begin to drip and dribble from her panties, down her legs, splashing on the floor below.

Dorothy Black & Wivien: Latex Passion

Wivien and Dorothy Black A commanding mistress dressed in a green cat suit adorned with studded black accessories hovers over her sex slave in a black open back dress. Her long sleek back and curving posteriors are a tantalizing target for her mistressís attentions and probing fingers. Mistress Black taunts her slaveís genitals before directing the devoted girlís tongue to her own passionate needs. When both are whipped up to a fever with tongues and fingers, a double-ended dong probes the depths of their soft succulent quims. Mistress first applies it to her slave and then enjoys the other end in a duo of delight. When sheís satisfied, Mistress Black employs her slave to undress her piece by shimmering piece of the rubber skin that encases her golden body.

Dorothy Black and Wivien Their passion continues when Mistress Black returns donning a slick black rubber dildo strapped on and ready for some hot action. She slowly strips away her slaves sleek rubber dress revealing her luscious naked body. Positioned on her knees, slave Wivian anoints the bobbing phalax with her tongue before it is introduced to her quivering juicy quim. The Mistress pounds away taking slave first from behind then in front.

Ruka Stone and Lulu : Tasty Interrogation

Ruka Stone and Lulu The prisoner stands hooded and gagged. The Captain needs some information and is prone to use a little discomfort able persuasion to get it. He strings the prisoner up by her hands and prods, pulls and slaps at the tender parts of her body making her squeal with apprehension and fear. He leaves her dangling from her arms and standing on one let, she whimpers her distress as the Captain departs. In spite of her distress, the prisoner holds out defiantly unwilling to cooperate with the Captain. He becomes frustrated and gives up on his interrogation, in lieu of finding a more personally pleasurable use for the prisonerís mouth than speaking.

Jane and Lulu: A drink and a piss

Jane and Lulu These frolicking babes are amusing themselves with each otherís tender parts, when the notion strikes them to share their flushing fluids. They playfully Strip each other down with a fare amount of fondling while sipping a bottle of Breezer.

Jane and LuluAfter downing their drinks these girls really have to go and continue their intimacy with a game of pissing. They take turns lending a helping hand to each other as first Lulu and then Jane douse the floor with a hot golden stream of pee.

Carol and Jenna Lovely: Let’s play doctor

Carol and Jenna Lovely: LETS PLAY DOCTOR These two gorgeous babes are exploring the basement of a house and come upon an old medical chamber. It seems to be equipped with a lot of interesting objects. The girls decide to play some doctor games and continue their explorations inside each otherís svelte young bodies.

Carol and Jenna Lovely: LETS PLAY DOCTOROne plays nurse and one plays the patient, but they both take turns using speculums, thermometer, suction cups and an enema rig on each other. Jenna opens up Carolís pussy with a large speculum and takes a look inside. Carol returns the action but would rather peer into Jennaís cute puckering bottom hole. In between prying speculums and squirting enema nozzles they treat each otherís pussies to a luxurious and satisfying tongue bathing.

Nelli Sulivan & Laura: ON THE RACK

Nelli Sulivan & Laura: ON THE RACK Her turmoil under Mistress Laura continues when the demure little tart is hung on the wooden frame by her dainty risks. Stretched and strained by ropes and chains with each of her four limbs tied off.

Nelli Sulivan & Laura: ON THE RACKHer poor bruised body is subjected to a dose of the whip punctuated by a routine slap from Lauraís large smarting hand. She screams, yanks and gyrates against the unyielding bonds that hold in a strained position. In the end Nelliís bottom is a mass of burning red blotches and throbbing welts.

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