Nick Lang tames 2 beauties in cat role play [Part 1]

Nick Lang has a unique breed of cat living in his own home pet clinic.

He’s always been a fan of the cat , and the kitty, the latter referring to that lovely body part on a women that purrs when you touch it.

Lucky for him he found out that two of his girlfriends, Kathia Nobili and Liz, both have a distinct set of fetishes. They enjoy latex, leather, dressing like sexy cats, domination and being enslaved! What a jackpot for nick as these vivacious vixens love for him to cage them up, and they wouldn’t be cats without a tail!

That’s where the anal insertion comes in handy. Butt plug with a tassel makes a perfect tail!

Today one of the cat girls needed her vitamin D, but refused to drink, so after a trying to coax her with a vigorous pussy licking of her sweetly trimmed twat, it was time to force this upon her. Nick restrains the naughty kitty and fondles her clit while the other kitty sticks a syringe up her ass and shoots a nice stream of milk in there.

Ahhhh, but the kitty is rebellious and sprays the milk back out!

Oh, what’s going to happen to kitty now! To be continued…

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