Neapolitan spank party! [Part 2]

The three mega horny vixens are back and they are definitely on the attack!

Last we left Linet she was bound by her legs and feet and getting that fine ass of hers spanked up by Denisa and Sasha, as well as getting a big black rubber dildo drilled into her mouth.

This scene opens up with the girls smacking Linets tits with a flogger while she’s on her back. She has a buttplug in her taut little asshole and is wearing a strap-on. Things are about to get interesting! Linets moans are annoying Sasha so she fills her mouth with the fat rubber prick and bores it out. Then in an artful way, Sasha takes off her heels opens Linets mouth with them before deciding to shut her up by squatting on her face!

Oh man, Linet just goes to town licking her gorgeous shaved box, straight from candy land!

Denisa is busy on the other end fucking her pussy and asshole. I’m not sure this is torture anymore!

Sasha gets mad and tells Linet “Lick my pussy bitch”, then a condom goes over the strap-on while the girls get to fuckin! First Denisa rides it, then Sasha takes it in her ass with a sideways reverse cowgirl. We got some awesome shots of her peachy puss while its sliding in and out of her.

If you haven’t jerked off at least twice by know to these honeys, give yourself a gold star!

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