Nataly Von: Maniac Kidnaps Girl [Part 3]

Okay! So last we left Mr. Bruno, he was having himself a smoke dipped in puntang courtesy of Nataly Von, the cute young actress that he kidnapped, bound, and fingered the asshole of.

Now in a shocking turn of events, he teabags the young lady and she gobbles up his turkey like it was the last meal on earth!

His irritated red pecker finds a new home in Nataly’s hot mouth and journey’s deep down her throat, pretty much ball’s deep.

Then Nataly gets a mouthful of his bulbous ball sack before he cuts away the crotch of her panties and spits a loogie on her chocolate starfish before giving her the half spocker, which is two fingers in her asshole just as a warm up before entering the tight bum with his prick and fucking her ass in lawn-chair position.

Then he cums on her clit and calls it a day. Pervy old man!

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