Nataly Von: Maniac Kidnaps Girl [Part 2]

The perverse man is back in part two of this kind of disturbing House of Taboo scene featuring Nataly Von getting kidnapped and abused by Bruno.

Personally, I know these two are acting, so I can write about this, but if you didn’t know they were acting in this one, you could be disturbed. Then again, if your watching this, you probably wanna be disturbed. Well then go ahead and watch pervert, you should be ashamed!

After Bruno Fingered Nataly‘s asshole in the last segment and tied her up, he ties her again, spread eagle this time with a ball gag in her mouth. He then smokes a cigarette and blows it into her mouth, forces her to suck on the cig, and then spits in her mouth too!

Afterwards he cuts a piece of her pink panties off with a scissor so he can munch on her jellybean through the panties, then dips his cigarette in her pussy for a puff. What could be next!

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