Monalee: The Rope is Ready Master!!

I am dressed and ready for you, Master. Use me as you will. Thank you for buying me a bra that doesn’t cover my nipples. I know they should be shown off at all times. And these boots have such high heels, I have to walk slowly. I know you like to see me walk slowly. It makes me seem even more of a slave as I hobble across the room…the rope is ready, master.

Tie me. Bind my wrists. And my ankles too. I like the feeling of being at your mercy. But I know you will be kind in your cruelty. I would never submit to any other kind of master…here I am now, like a doll on the chair. I cannot go anywhere. Yes, if you command I will wiggle and turn around and show you my bottom. And now I will watch while you tie my knees together. You really don’t want me going anywhere, do you? You like when I am here for your pleasure.

That’s right, move me around on the couch until you find the position that pleases you most. I am just your plaything. But what’s that–a dildo too? How clever you are, Master, to anchor it to my ropes! Oh it feels so large as it fills my hole! You just keep tying me and tying me, Master…I cannot go anywhere but just must submit to the feeling of these ropes, this toy, and your eyes, watching me…and your hands, adding more rope and tightening my bonds.

Here I am, ready for your whims, ready for everything so lovely and unspeakable, offered to you with all my love and submission!

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