Mira Sunset: Trained by a Machine!

Ohmigosh, I’ve gotten myself into a real fix this time, Mira Sunset thought. When she agreed to try a little “kink” with the guy she met at that swanky party, little did she know what she was in for!

“Come into my special training chamber,” he said when they got back to his amazing apartment. He put on a dark mask but still remained in the same suit he wore at the party. “You’ll love this,” he said, once Mira was nude.

Chaining her to the platform, he wheeled in a strange Fucking Machine and told Mira she’d have to “bone up” on her oral skills before he allowed her to blow his magnificent dick, fellatio which wouldn’t be any time soon since he was selective in the women he allowed to taste his tool.

Soon she was receiving the relentless thrusts of the black dildo while he controlled the movements with a handset. Saliva drooling from her lips, Mira hoped she was exhibiting head skills that would one day please him…but next he wanted to get her pussy ready.

Putting on a ball gag so she wouldn’t talk back to him, he sat down on the couch after arranging the Fucking Machine to do Mira’s pussy in the doggie style position. Mira felt so nude being banged by…by this mysterious device!

Her new master stood over her with the controls, emotionless under his mask, telling her she would be properly broken in first or she’d never get the pleasure of his actual dick and balls. Turning her over, he had the robotic raunch device fuck Mira in the missionary position, and then for a final test, in her asshole as well. Her hands and feet strained at her bonds, but it was only because it turned her on to pretend to struggle.

She liked this kinky game…liked being treated this way…oh yes!!

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