Mira Sunset: Psycho-Medical Mayhem [Part 1]

Enter the strange world of medical erotic fantasy as enacted by Mira Sunset, David Perry, and Totti! “What did I do to deserve this?” thinks Mira as she’s wheeled into the examining room by her boyfriend Totti. “Oh that’s right…I went berserk in our apartment…I threatened the neighbors…I threatened Totti…”

The only way she’s not going to get into serious legal trouble is if she undergoes a rigorous examination to discover the causes of her frequent hysterical outbursts and bizarre mental blackouts. Her behavior has been so extreme she’s kept in straitjackets and tied down, but now she is here with Totti to help her through an extensive physical probing and pubic analysis under the hands of Dr. David Perry, who believes it’s important for a loved one to be alongside the suffering patient in order to give her hope!

So it is Totti who gives Mira the sedative pill, and who releases her from her bonds in the wheelchair. Still clad in her straitjacket, Mira is examined by Dr. Perry while Totti stands compassionately nearby. Her reflexes seem okay. Now let’s check her pussy, she hears Dr. Perry saying…first there is the coolness of his stethoscope on her mound, and then the tugging fingers make room for the speculum…now perhaps we will find the source of her problems, she hears Dr. Perry intoning…or is she dreaming this??

Her vagina is spread open with the speculum, and she feels the huge rectal thermometer probing her butt…oh she wants to get well soon, so she supposes this is how they’ll get to the bottom of her problems…thank heaven it’s Totti who’s probing her asshole, he knows it well…but now it’s Dr. Perry’s turn. “He’s tugging apart my anus!!” she silently gasps in her brain. What’s coming next? Oh thank goodness she has the loving touch of Totti’s lips near, to comfort her as she goes through these bizarre medical trials…be here next week to find out what happens!

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