Marica Hase: Irresponsible Girl’s Wet Lesson!

A young lady sometimes must be educated in responsibility, to learn that if she does not follow the instructions that she is given by those who know best for her, she will face consequences.

Case in point, Marica Hase, that delicate Japanese beauty, who disobeyed her unseen master and now must wait naked, gagged, and with her slender wrists and ankles securely tied with rope to a massage table.

It’s been hours since she was left alone in this room, and all the tea she had for lunch is catching up with her. And thus, her first lesson in responsibility: if she does not act mature, she will not get the opportunities of the mature, one of which is the use of a toilet when she has to pee.

And so as the DDF cameras come in close, she feels the trickle of her golden liquid begin to slide down the edges of her upper thighs, and then the gushing becomes full and uncontrollable, wetting the table cushion underneath her butt. She feels so ashamed that it has come to this, peeing all over herself, but she can’t help it and she can’t even cry out because of the ball gag in her pretty mouth…

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