Lucy Latex: The Sexual Avenger Strikes Again!

Our masked sexual avenger Latex Lucy is back, and this time she stars in a set that could easily be the inspirations for a wickedly delicious Hollywood film!

It might be a little spooky, but their would be tons of tits and ass! Just check her out here and see what you think. A little bit sinister, a little sexy, and a whole lot of taboo going on!

This time the 5’3″ fetish mistress from the United Kingdom is in full torpedo mode right from the start of her set. Her huge silicon missiles are in perfect view and we even get a nice HD shot of the incisions that were made to plant these puppies into Latex Lucy.

Her black shiny knee high boots are ominous, it looks like she is literally on her tipsy toes! Have you ever seen anything like that? A++ for creativity!

The mask she is wearing is straight out of a science fiction novel! It seems like her mouth has no opening for suckin a good dick or eating some tasty peach pie, but she’s got that covered with a little flap for when she feels the need to nom, nom, nom. No volunteers around though for Latex Lucy.

Well, guess she will just have to pump her big twat to satisfaction with a dildo then, and that’s exactly what she does! She fills her meat wallet to the brim with her toy and fondles her tight globes while we jerk off in the shadows.

Thank you Latex Lucy, you have helped us once again with your sexual super hero like abilities!

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