Linet: Naughty Nurse and the Needle Dick!

Today we welcome you into world of the incredibly mouth-watering, deviant nurse Linet. A DDF favorite, and understandably why. She gifts us with this twisted Taboo set which takes place in a clinic while she’s on duty.

Ever wonder what those naughty nurses are up too on a lonely night shift? Wonder no more!

The Czech goddess has an itch that only a well lubed, metal instrument with a ridiculously pointy tip can scratch. Almost like a needle dick!

She puts it in her pussy and makes us wonder, if she’s into needle dicks, there must be plenty of volunteers out there, no need to injure your self Linet. It’s basically a metal syringe filled with lube.

Her beautiful heart shaped ass is propped up in doggy with amazingly vivid close ups, and after warming her bung hole up with a couple of fingers, the syringe goes deep in her ass for a good fucking. She positions herself in multiple dick stiffening ways and the room is filled with her horny cries as she fucks her tight, oil slicked ass to a completely draining orgasm for us.

Then she lays there in complete ecstasy happy as can be!

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