Linet: Doctor has his way! [Part 2]

The return of the Deviant doctor and his fingers up inside Linet’s tight butthole!

She had just woken up on the last episode and found that Doctor Frank was fondling her goods. She seemed to be enjoying it though, so let’s see what happens next!

As you may have guessed, she’s lovin it! All smiles as she realizes coming into the doctors office in latex was good thing! She starts sucking on his hot beef thermometer right away, just to make sure she DOES have a fever!

The Deviant doctor doesn’t want his lube to go to waste so he gets to cramming his cock straight in her ass right away. Linet fills the examination room with her moans of joy and we can see just how tight her sphincter is as it pulls in and out grabbing his cock like vise each time he plunges into her.

Some ATM action ensues and it seems Linet is loving the taste! Or, perhaps she’s being forced to love the taste!

The Doctor bends he rover in doggy again and really gives it to her in the ass, spanking her bouncing ass cheeks which are beat red now, the whole time!

It’s a constant game of Anal pounding followed by ATM until the doc blows his load all over Linet’s face and slaps her up with his dick, then for further humiliation has her lap all the extra jizz up off of the operating table.

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