Lilith: The Cranky Mistress

Mistress Lilith is getting cranky and impatient. When is her stud cock going to arrive? Taking a break from her legion of groveling foot and boot slaves, she had planned on getting herself a good fuck from her stud–but if he doesn’t arrive soon, she’s going to start their time together with discipline from her riding crop, and maybe even demote him from pussy service down to cleaning her toilets!!

Don’t cross Mistress Lilith!!

And here she had planned a whole latex porn tease show for him out of her red latex corset and black latex skirt, no to mention peeling off that black tape on her nips!!!

Yes, when he gets here, the stud cock will face punishment instead of a fuck! Meanwhile, however, Mistress Lilith’s vagina will have its satisfaction. A wise mistress is always prepared, and this stern young Czech brings out a vivid red toy to cram into her shaved pussy, throbbing it to the relief it craves in this fetish XXX video!

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DDF Updates: The Cranky Mistress


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