Leyla Black: The Mummy’s Cunny [Part 4]

Well, Mugur’s certainly put Leyla Black through her paces in this epic roleplay excursion into the bizarre.

First she was dressed like a mummy in gauze, and prodded and probed and spanked. Then, after taking off some of her bandages, Mugur really got into probing her in a most intense, extreme way.

After that, with the gauze removed, he attended to fulfilling all his fantasies about the use of her mouth and asshole. And now…for the final proof of his total dominance over Leyla Black, he uses her in the ultimate way of the submissive: as she squats on the discarded gauze bandages in the blackness of the dungeon, Mugur sprays her face, tongue, tits, and torso with seemingly endless blasts of his pee. Leyla looks at the camera with a wide variety of looks.

She has been totally put in her place by this kinkazoid male. What is going through her head? Study her pictures closely and decide for yourselves! With her body gleaming from his urine, she alternately looks as if she’s broodingly serious, then happy and carefree. Many are the moods of the slave, as portrayed here by Leyla Black in a performance of total submission to the demands of the relentless cock wielded by Mugur!

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