Leyla Black: Stern Employee Discipline [Part 2]

David Perry has ascertained what he believes might be at the bottom of Leyla Black’s laziness as an employee of his massage establishment. She is in the ironic position of being a masseuse who is starved for sex! And the reason for that is her many well-hidden hangups about the way she wants to be treated erotically.

She has shame about sex, which she tried to combat by becoming a masseuse and working with other people’s bodies…but in fact, she needs to accept her own sensuality! That’s why she’s ready to submit to David’s complex treatment. He puts her down on the table and binds her wrists and ankles. This feeling of restraint frees her from the embarrassment she has always felt about surrendering to her natural libidinous impulses! Controlled by her masterful employer, she feels deep thrills as he explores her pussy and ass. His thumb plunges into her posterior, leading to a wonderful, shame-based ecstasy! After all, if she has the shame, David theorizes, she might as well use it for an aphrodisiac to bring on orgasms! Then it’s time for a double dong. He needs to help release the demons of her shame by showing her it’s okay to be sexual!

She can’t hide behind the pretense of being a masseuse anymore but inside feeling like a nervous novice in the arts of desire!! Yes, this is the best type of discipline…the type that cleanses a soul and makes it ready to accept new challenges in life! David feeds her his prick…restrained on the table, her anus filled by the dong, and her mouth crammed with his cock, she reaches new heights of freedom! Soon she is ready to be taken out of her bonds. He applies the double dong therapy to her pussy and ass some more. And then it’s time for saliva discipline! She must learn not to be afraid of the spit of a dominant lover!

“Open your lips and accept the juices of my mouth!” David says, knowing he is bringing her to new levels of self-acceptance and, hopefully, better performance as a masseuse in his emporium! Be here next week to see what she learns in Part 3!

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