Leyla Black: Bound For Disobedience [Part 2]

Leyla Black continues to be naughty, so her unseen master continues to punish her! As in the first part of her punishment last week, he shows ingenuity in making her uncomfortable.

Bound to the staircase, her thighs securely wide open, her wrists fastened to the railing, poor Leyla knows that at any moment a guest may come through her master’s house and look up to see her displayed with such humiliating, restrictive nudity.

But complaining only makes her situation worse, as a dildo is crammed into her mouth to silence her protests. She certainly hopes nobody sees her THIS way! If word got around, everybody would laugh at her in the neighborhood, knowing that she disobeyed her master and was an unappreciative little dildo-sucking bitch…her punishment continues when a plug is crammed in her butt and her ankles are tied together.

With her head sticking out through the railing, her pussy is available to any of her master’s guests if they walk by and see her kneeling over…but her unseen master decides that she does not have the right to a fucking, so he crams her snatch with the dildo from her mouth and rearranges her bonds.

Is there no end to his harsh treatment of her? Well, maybe there will be if one day Leyla learns to obey!

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