Leila Smith & Tracy Delicious: The Bad Must be Punished!

Whatever Leila did to bring on her punishment–Mistress Tracy will not let her keep on doing it! Discipline is called for, outdoors in the garden with a naked and wrist-bound Leila being led to a stone table where her arms are hoisted above her. She does not look happy. Her mistress tweaks her nipples, squeezes her face, and lets her know that her transgressions will not be tolerated!

The booted blonde domme pulls Leila’s arms up so that the redhead has to stand on the table. Then it’s time for a little bottom-warming with a carpet beater. Leila can’t stand it–was her offense really that serious? Apparently so, because then Mistress Tracy pulls her hair and has her kneel on the stone table while continuing to smack her pale white bottom with the carpet beater.

“But what’s this?” says Tracy, sliding her fingers into the slave’s snatch.

“You’re getting AROUSED by your chastisement? Your pussy is wet…well then, my girl, you must be satisfied and pronto! We can’t let our slave ache for a climax, can we? That would be CRUEL, ha-ha!”

Mistress Tracy slides a big black dildo into Leila’s mouth for lubrication.

“That’s it…make it moist for your slave hole!” Tracy laughs, rubbing it along the redhead’s shameless quim.

The ropes are adjusted so that Leila’s legs are spread for maximum openness and embarrassment. But then Mistress Tracy gets a better idea…she WON’T stuff the toy into Leila, so the girl will be frustrated and hungering for relief! Instead she just teases her slave’s cunny lips with the toy…and some well-aimed SPIT on the girl’s twat! That will teach her not to disobey anymore…and then Mistress Tracy leaves poor Leila bound and naked on the table, exposed to any leering passersby!! The bad must be punished…and lessons must be learned!

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