Leigh Darby: Badness not Tolerated

If she is bad, she must be punished. No shopping. No cellphone. No health club, no lunches with “the girls.”

And most important, no clothes, although you will dress her feet in shiny black fetish heels with slutty toe-cleavage, because of course she has been behaving like a slut.

Lay her on the bed, blindfolded, with a collar that says DOG and let her feel the letters under her fingers, to mentally read her status until she learns to behave. Keep the window open in the room, so any passersby can see what unruly females must endure.

Put her on her tummy so you can see the plug in her asshole, and the leaking of her pussy juice because, sneaky little bitch, she is turned on by her chastisement. Bind her wrists and ankles and let her spend a little quality time with your Fucking Machine, because naughty girls don’t get fucked by real cocks, just robo-rods.

If she is not sufficiently appreciative of the lessons you are teaching her, apply the paddle, even on those big boobies she is so proud of flaunting in front of every man in the town…and if she whines, remind her that her cunny is flowing with the sticky proof that she loves being treated like the bad doggie she really is until she learns to become, once again, the well-behaved young woman she is meant to be.

See it all in a roleplay masterpiece starring Leigh Darby, a fetish XXX video of Full HD BDSM!

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