Layla Sin: 50 Shades of Discipline [Part 1]

Layla Sin is a student who needs a job, and executive Jay Smooth has given one to her. But when she’s late for her first day, it’s only her extreme good looks that stop him from rudely booting her out. You see, he likes to dominate beautiful girls…

He gives her a test to see how well she will do with one of her office duties: delivering memos to him in her mouth, as she crawls across the floor on all fours like a doggie. Hmm, it seems like she can’t even do a simple thing like that very well…

Perhaps a little discipline is called for? Let’s raise that miniskirt–which is, he thinks, so inappropriate for the first day on a new job! What a naughty girl she is…SMACK SMACK SMACK goes his spanking hand on her fine bottom…ah, he’s put a little warmth in those cheeks!

Now pay homage, girl, to the hand that just punished you. Suck your master’s thumb!

But oh, your punishment is hardly over, darling. Wait till you see what’s in store for you in Part 2 of this Full HD BDSM video!

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DDF Updates: 50 Shades of Discipline, Part 1


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