Latex Lucy: Upside Down Latex Love Fest!

This is a story of the far-flung future, when the world is divided into two camps: the Naturals, who make love nude, and the Costumers, who make love in materials like leather, rubber, or in this case, latex! Kristien, dressed in his black latex outfit, carries Latex Lucy in his arms, having rescued her before our scene begins from some evil Naturals who were threatening to take away Lucy’s latex outfits and force her to live and love in her bare skin.

Fortunately our damsel-in-distress was spirited away just in time by her knight in shining latex, who takes her back to his home which he calls Latexia, which is where our scene begins. Laying her down on the ground, Kristien attaches her feet to a special pulley he keeps in his backyard, so that he can then hoist her up and let her rotate through the air, setting off in her mind that lovely disorienting feeling of being upside down and bound in latex and at the mercy of another lover of latex.

Kristien examines Lucy’s body by touching her shocking pink latex skin, rubbing her cunny and tits through the taut material, and letting the blood pool in her noggin as she hangs upside down with her braid swinging free and almost touching the ground. But something is missing from Latex Lucy’s life at this moment! Ah yes, she is missing the taste of cock! Or if not the taste of cock, then the thrusting power of cock, as embodied in Kristien’s shaft which is covered in black latex! He fucks her mouth with his covered prick, filling Lucy’s lips until he blows his load through the tiny hole in the tip. Then he leaves her with a big load dripping from her mouth hole and down into her eyes.

You see? They may be dressed in latex, but in the end they do the same things the Naturals do! People are all alike, no matter what they wear when they cum! So why won’t those judgmental Naturals just leave them alone??

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