Latex Lucy: Latex Lady of Mystery!

Latex Lucy is in a category of her own. She is like a living mysterious fetish cartoon with her bizarre masks and form-fitting costumes.

The late classic BDSM artist Gene Bilbrew would have been very inspired by her. Perhaps she was inspired by HIS work in magazine and comic strips from the 50s through the 60s, full of outrageously kinky-looking ladies in unusual costumes.

Here Lucy is outfitted in a tight low-cut black top, scarlet animal print corset and skirt, black stockings and platforms. She sucks a black dildo that’s affixed to the side of the couch, but soon she’s rubbing it in her deep cleavage. Lucy looks at us through the holes in her mask, and her eyes are intensely probing of our pervy needs.

Perhaps she is waiting to see our reactions. Are we stroking off as she strips aside her clothes, reveals her huge boobs and shaved pussy, and then affixes the dildo’s suction base to her chest so that she can just bend down her chin and suck the phallus? Perhaps Lucy is giving us a vision of female masturbatory sex in the far future…except it’s taking place now, in front of our DDF cameras.

Lucy takes the rubber cock off her chest and crams it into her pussy. Then she turns around and presents her ass to us, big and round and ready for worship. Or spanking?

Miss Lucy stirs up many kinds of reactions in a viewer. She sits her pussy down on the dildo, then lays across the couch with her long legs stretched out in those wild heels and black latex stockings.

Her pussy looks huge, flowery, ready for action. Perhaps she wants to be fucked by a living cock. Are you ready to give it to her? But don’t forget to plant a French kiss on her mouth through the hole in her mask!

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